Past Internship

Spring Internship 2019

Build your first career goal with a Dwarf experience

We’re calling for senior years technophiles

Deadline: 20th March 2019


Why Dwarves

We strive to create a generation of new tech enthusiasts who possess the same DNA with us, to generate a solid groundwork and go along with the company’s triumph.

Collect an outline vision with the team leader's mentorship for you career roadmap.

Live your value and foster your skills through the code of craftsmanship

You get paid for your experience with an allowance worths

Expand your network and boost your competencies.

We are Dwarves Foundation

An offshore software woodland that strives to become a part of global startup field, by offering a technical partnership that takes over from ideas and operation to maintenance and world-class quality solutions.

We opt for microservice and serverless. We take Golang, ReactJS, Elixir, Swift and AWS as our main voice. As a co-founder of Vietnam Golang Community, our technical talents take the pledge of bringing your next development step to a whole new level.

who we are

Our woodland is a sum of great technology, engineering culture, and smart people. The numbers speak it for themselves:

  • 5 years in the market
  • 40 talented members
  • 10 common team size per deployments
  • 3 Vietnam Development Community Influenced
what we have

Our Syllabus

To make sure your time with us is well-spent, we offer you real projects with our adepts and the chance to work with global customers.

Bring your best curiosity and initial to make your way in these open doors:

Apply basic DevOps: Containerized, Docker, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

We have Swift for Apple fans to build your iOS applications, and for those who choose to go with Android, we got you covered with Kotlin.

Speaking multiple languages at once: You will be taught to use Golang as the primary backend language; Agile and Scrum process to manage your work.


Be a Vim user or master another editor. Become a CLI user

Use GIT for tracking file changes and version control system

Get your hands on Blockchain and AI

And for your practical training:

Find Friends

Find Friends is an app that enables users to share their locations with their teammates


Fortress is a web app for company operation management based on DotA game features

And other projects for AI and Blockchain!

Reap your Rewards

There's no shortcut to help you grow than get your hands on the job. Coffee runs helps nothing but binds you with grudging obedience. More than the proficiencies to build microservices, web and mobile application, we hope it encourages you to live by the philosophy of technophiles, and the enthusiasm of surpass your limit and the urge to create world-class products by cutting edge technologies.

Leader's Message

Loc Nguyen - VP of Engineering

I believe the time at Dwarves Foundation leaves you with not only experience but also the spirit of living like a real engineer. Every Dwarf is encouraged to involve and grow internal competencies, a working culture is expected to be constituted and nurtured, and we genuinely believe you can help enlarge the picture.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Teammates are what make the journey more adventurous and I can't wait to conquer a new one with you guys.

Loc Nguyen

VP of Engineering

Our Alumni

Take a look at our latest program.

Internship 2018 summary
Phat Nguyen

University of Science
Backend Developer

“Interning at Dwarves Foundation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It complemented my skills and shaped my mindset since interns were considered as valuable members of the team. Such a privilege to learn from and work with these talented mentors.”

Khiem Vo

International University
Backend Developer

After finished the 3-month period, I decided to go for a full time position. I got to know how to start a production project, how to select a suitable technology to get things done. With all of those experiences coming up, Dwarves Foundation did give me a chance to step out of my comfort zone.”

How To Apply

This 30-minute pre-assessment test below will helps us to select the suitable scouts for our training camp. Please be well noted that only shortlisted candidates will be contact for further details.

We look forward to having you at our woodland.