“Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss. Your first boss is the biggest factor in your career success. A boss who doesn’t trust you won’t give you opportunities to grow”

- William Raduchel -

At Dwarves Foundation, you don’t even have to pick, since we will give you both: a great job, and (more than a boss) - great leaders.

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The Job

Brace yourself, this job will throw you endless opportunities to:

Get a clear vision for your future career with the team leaders’ mentorship

Foster effective skill set of a 10x software engineer* in a fun environment

Solve real problems, gain real experience through global projects

Earn a scholarship that's worth $300/month

(*) Wondering if you are a 10x software engineer? Google may help ;)

The Leader

The leader of leaders in our company would like to have his words sent to you:

Greetings to the talented graduates out there!

Loc Nguyen, Technical Lead of Dwarves Foundation, is writing to you. I am here to create this working culture in which you are trusted, involved, and given opportunities to grow, and to make sure you are inspired to nurture it for the next generations of the team.

To make long story short, after your time at Dwarves Foundation, I hope you can walk out with not only experience but also the spirit and attitude of an outstanding software engineer.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I am eager to start this journey with you. Let’s see how far we can go when we are with a great team.

Best wishes,
Loc Nguyen.


This curriculum is to make sure your time at Dwarves won’t be wasted

You will take part in projects to learn how to

  • Manage work using Agile/Scrum process
  • Build microservices using Golang
  • Create interactive UIs using ReactJS and VueJS
  • Build an iOS application using Swift
  • Build an Android application using Kotlin
  • Make your website responsive using CSS
  • Apply basic DevOps: Containerized, Docker, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Use GIT for tracking file changes and version control system
  • Become a Vim user or master another editor
  • Become a CLI user
  • Get started with Blockchain and AI

And we DO have projects for you to practice!

  • Find Friends: an app that enables users to share their locations with their teammates
  • Fortress: a DotA game for management
  • And other projects about AI and Blockchain!

After 3 months of the internship, you will

  • Be able to build microservices, web applications, mobile applications without hand-holding.
  • Overtake current standard for a junior software engineer.

What our interns talk about us

Luu Quang Minh
  • Backend Developer
  • 3 months internship
  • 1 year+ full time employment

"The best thing I’ve learnt in this company is the mindset of a 10x engineer. Also, this is an ideal environment for me to try and learn and get a clear vision for my future career."

Nguyen Hoang Huy
  • Frontend Developer
  • 3 months internship
  • 1 year+ full time employment

"Dwarves Foundation has good environment for self development, cool projects to challenge myself, and the greatest thing is it pays good money. My best career choice so far."

How to apply?

To begin with, please spend 30 minutes taking this pre-assessment test*. This test is important to classify the good candidates for our training camp. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

(*) The test is created on Criteria Assessment Center. Please fill in an email address that you usually use so that our interview invitation finds its way to you.

About Us

Dwarves Foundation is a tech company that helps to scale multiple innovative startups around the world.

Our mission is to empower the next innovations.We are building an organization with high standard resources and business growth capabilities, allowing entrepreneurs, inventors and makers to deliver their innovative ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing you next campaign!